Prototype debugging

18 December 2010

By adding a toString method to your prototypes you can help yourself with debugging the always handy [object] string. This is because functions and objects inherit from Object, which has a toString method.

var myPrototype = {
  toString : function () {
    return '[object myPrototype]';

Other Uses

This also comes in handy when determining if an object is an array.

var myArray = [];

Which will output [object Array]. So we can run this boolean test: === '[object Array]';

Super handy, but sometimes an Array has a property isArray (ES5), which is an inbuilt browser property so it will be faster than the toString method. So we can we write a high level function to decide if an object is an Array.

var isArray = Array.prototype.isArray 
        ? function (arr) {
            return arr.isArray;
        : function (arr) {
            return === '[object Array]';

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